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Veterinary medicine

In the direct collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary medicine University of Sarajevo, employees of the Sharklab ADRIA actively work on ground-breaking research on the cartilagnous fish of the Adriatic sea.

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Precise X-ray imaging

In order to ger a precise insight into the functional anatomy of sharks, skates and rays we are conducting high-resolution X-ray imaging of chosen species. Mentioned studies reveal some new anatomical data.

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Axial tomography

Detailed CT analysis were performed for the first time on the angular rough shark and several chosen batoids. Mentioned provided a completely new understanding of the functional anatomy and diganostics.

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Analysis of disease

For the purpose of better under- standing, detection and possible treatment of specific diseases, our researchers conducting a series of pathological analysis with emphasis on cyto and histopathology.

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Ligation techniques

Sharklab ADRIA actively working on the continuing education of students and teachers. Precise ligation techniques of blood vessels and target parts of the digestibe tube of elasmobranchs is worh to mention.

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Stingray ectoparasites

Pathological analysis of stingrays from Neum bay in the assitance of VFS, indicate the presence of fluke species in the olfactory organs of Dasyatis pastinaca (L.). Immuno- fluorescence photos available.

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