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Eight years of research

In 2016 Sharklab International celebrates the eight anniversary of scientific research engagement in Europe, Asia, Africa, Austraia and America. More details of our work here.

Malta: recued 250 catsharks

Sharklab Malta continues with in vitro breeding of eggcases of Scyliorhinus canicula (L.) and S. stellaris (L.) captured as bycatch. Take a insight in all activities here.



Spain: endangered species

Sharklab Spain is actively working on better knowledge of large pelagic sharks that are increasingly target of commercial fisheries, either as bycatch or shark finning.


Bangladesh: extremely rare species

Newly formed department in Bangladesh is adopting a strategy for research of extremely endangered and rare river sharks that inhabits rivers of Asia. More info to come.



Sri Lanka: education of locals

Our fraternal organization Earthlanka launched a project of educatin and training the local populations in the field of SCUBA diving, biology and preservation of natural heritage.


France: eggcase hunt goes on

Our conections from France actively working for a six years on the morphological studies and population ecology of oviparous elasmobranch species in the Atlantic Ocean.


Malasyia: mapping the nursery

Sharklab researchers in the Kuala Lumpur have been working on better understanding and mapping the nursery ground of Chiloscyllium punctatum Müller & Henle, 1838.


Egypt: elasmobranchs of Red sea

Sharklab researchers were actively working on biosystematics researchers of species that inhabits the Red sea within the coastal waters of Egpye and its islands.