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Deep-sea genotyping

Sharklab ADRIA in cooperation with the International University in Sarajevo currently working on the genotyping of the deep-sea shark species that inhabit the Adriatic and Mediterranean sea.

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Comparative genomics

For the first time, we are conducting comparative genetics analysis on the chosen species of skates Raja Linnaeus, 1758, stingrays Dasyatias Rafinesque, 1810 and electric rays Torpedo Houttuyn, 1764.

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Squalamine potential

Squalamine is an aminosterol compound with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity discovered in the tissues of the dogfish shark. Together with our partners, we are beginig clinical studies...

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Shark dental proteins

Together with our US partners, we have conducted research of the proteins present in the biofilm in jaws of several target shark species. Click here in order to see and download so far results.

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