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Legal information on the department
Sharklab ADRIA represents independent, autocephalous, scientific-research department within the Sharklab International, an official European association for research and conservation of cartilaginous fish with over 15 departments in the world. Sharklab ADRIA stemmed from MBAG - Sea Explorers team that was activr from 3rd January 2006 to 20th Avgust 2008 and is one of the bodies that have established Sharklab in Hamrun, Malta (EU) in Avgust 2008.
Scope of our department
Sharklab ADRIA currently manafes the research activities in Europe, Asia and Africa (newly America and Australia, as well) primarily in the field of comparative and functional morphology, populatin ecology and conservation, genetics and molecular biology, histology and embryiology, pathology and parasitology, biomedical sciences and pharmacology, microbiology and oceanographs. In our researches, we collaborate with numerous local and interantinal instituton and organizations, as well as goverments and individual researchers and volunteers.
Primary research projects
Sharklab ADRIA is conducting several major international projects of great importance, such as "Comparative odontology of selachians", "Biodiversity of Neum bay", "Prevention, detection and treatment of diseases in captivity", "Eggcase Hunt: oviparous elasmobranchs", "Deep-sea surveys of the Adriatic sea", as well as many other PROJECTS).
Our scientific contribution
Previous scientific researches of the Sharklab ADRIA resulted in more than 200 papers published in various journals, conferences, symposia, and media. In addition to the primary scientific literature, our staff published siginificant number of books and documentaries. We have conducted first inventory of the cartilaginous fish for some countries, and many more !
Head of our department
Chairman of the Sharklab ADRIA during the IX scientific-research season for the 2016/2017 is Andrej A. Gajić, prof. biol., SDI, CEO, one of the founders and current President of the Board of Directors of Sharklab International (Vo/0298).
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