Our Department consists of total xxxxx laboratories, xxxxx sections and xxxx commitees working on better understanding of sharks, skates and rays; as well as the legal protection of species and habitats. .



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Legal information on the department
Sharklab ADRIA represents an independent, autocephalous, scientific-research department within the Sharklab International, an official European association for research and conservation of cartilaginous (number Vo/0298) consisting of localy based research across Europe, Asia and Africa with headquaters in Hamrun, Malta. Sharklab ADRIA stemmed from the MBAG - Sea Explorers team what was active from 3rd January 2006 to 20th August 2008 and presents one of the bodies that have stablished Sharklab International. Find our more here: ABOUT SHARKLAB ADRIA !
Scope of our department
Sharklab ADRIA currently manifes research activities in the fields of comparative and functional morphology/anatomy, population ecology and conservation, genetics and molecular biology, radiology (RTG/CT analysis), histology and embryology, pathology and parasitology, biomedical sciences and engineering, microbiology and paleontology. In our studies, we collaborate with numerous instituton, governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals. Follow the links to learn about our STRUCTURE or to meet our FRIENDS & PARTNERS.
Primary research activities
At the moment, we are conducting several major projects, such as "Comparative Elasmobranch Odontology", "Disease Threatment and Diagnostics", "Biodiveristy of Neum bay", "Comparative Genentic Analysis in the Adriatic", "Adriatic Deep-sea Survery", "The Great Eggcase Research" and many more. Click HERE to find our more info.
Our scientific contribution
Scientific researches of the Sharklab ADRIA resulted in more than 200 publications including books, book chapters, original papers, conference proceedings and profesional papers. In addition, we have published several documentary shows on elasmobranch diversity and research in Europe and Africa. We are also actively working on the rising awareness and we have hundreds of articles in regional/international newspapers, magazines, periodicas and protals in more than seven langauges. Find our more about our PUBLICATIONS, DOCUMENTARIES and PRESS RELATIONS.
Head of our department
Chairman of the Sharklab ADRIA during the IX scientific-research season for the 2016/2017 is Andrej A. Gajić, prof. biol., SDI, CEO, one of the founders and current President of the Board of Directors of Sharklab International (Vo/0298). View Andrej's BIOGRAPHY here. Meet our BOARD OF DIRECTORS here !
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....................... The main purpose of the Department for ecology and conservation is better understanding of skarks, skates and rays in international scales in order to create better conservation strategies, as well to develop proper models of sustainable development and management of threatened species. Our Deparment primarily works through five laboratories, which are:


Laboratory for biosystematics and taxonomy
Suvad Lelo, prof. dr. sc.
Laboratory for ethology
Beatriz Fraguiero Lopez, mr. sc.
Laboratory for applied ecology and conservation
Andrej A. Gajić, prof. biol.
Laboratory for physico-chemical analysis
Umme Salma, mr .sc.
Laboratory for paleontology and paleogeography
Boris Davidov, eng. ecol.

.......................Besides the mentioned laboratories, our Department include Committee for sustainable developmant and management, Committee for the pollution, habitat loss and destruction and Committee for public awareness. Since the activities of the department primarily imply the field work our Section for research and technical diving and Section for medical and technical support ensuring that we provide best possible results.




Chief of Department is Andrej A. Gajić, prof. biol., the current President of the Board of Directors of Sharklab International.

Executive Secretary is Beatriz Fraguiero Lopez. mr. sc. from the Sharklab SPAIN and Delegate in the Board of Directors.

There are total XX researchers in the Department. In order to see complete list of our researchers please click HERE !


Prof. dr. sc. Suvad Lelo - full professor at the Department of biology, Faculty of Science, University in Sarajevo.

Dr. sc. Branko Dragičević - junior scientist at the Institute for oceanography and fisheries in Spit.

Prof. dr. sc. Aleksandar Joksimović - ful professor at the Institute for Marine Biology at the Univesity of Montenegro.



  Throught the project "BIODIVERSITY OF NEUM BAY: CARTILAGINOUS FISH" we are conducting the inventory and continuous monitoring of elasmobranch species that inhabit the marine part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The research include mapping of nursery grounds, chosen behavioural patterns in wild populations, revealing of the movements of sharks, skates and rays, as well as the assessment of current degree of pressures and anthropogenisation. Besides, we are creating the key documents for proper conservation.
  Project "INVENTORY OF THE MARINE FAUNA OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA" aims to create first check-list of marine species that inhabits the studies area. Through this project more than 150 taxa is already describes, while the key taxa include: ctenophors, cnidarians, echinoderms, polychaeta, molluscs, cartilagnous fish, bony fish, reptiles and mammals. Thereunto, we have mapped the type habitats for all the key taxa within the Neum bay. Plans for future cover the assessment of endangermnet nad conservation.
  Project "CHOSEN PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOUR OF SHARKS, SKATES AND RAYS" deals with ethology of chosen elasmobranch species both in wild and captivity. At this moment our Laboratory for ethology is studing the interaction between 15 species of sharks, skates and rays in captivity and their interactions to divers in close interaction, primarily feeding and touching. Those results are also compared to the similar analysis of the close contacts wiht wild specimans.




Kahrić, A., & Gajić, A. (2015). Review of biodiversity of skates and rays (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii: Batoidea) of Neum bay . Supplements to Fauna of Bosnia and Herzegovina, vol. 11, pp. 99-105.

Kahrić, A., & Gajić, A. (2015). Review of biodiversity of skates and rays (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii: Batoidea) of Neum bay. Supplements to Fauna of Bosnia and Herzegovina, vol. 11, pp. 99-105.


Swisher, N. A., & Gajić, A. (2015). Use of satelite tags to reveal the movements and interactions of shark within the Neum bay and the rest of the Adriatic sea. Pluralidade: Revista Cientca Multidisciplinar 4(2), pp. 122-129.


Gajić, A., Kahrić, A., & Dedić, N. (2014). Occurance, dental adaptations and prefered prey of Eagle Ray, Myliobatis aquila (Linnaeus, 1758) , in Neum bay. Supplements to Fauna of Bosnia and Herzegovina, vol. 10, pp. 31-38.


Gajić, A., & Lelo, S. (2014). Assesment of degree of exploration of the cartilaginous fish in the aquatorium of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Supplements to Fauna of Bosnia and Herzegovina, vol. 10, pp. 59-67.



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